Sharon Barnes Sutton’s Pink Slip

Pink Slip -Termination of Employment for Sharon Barnes Sutton

Sharon Barnes Sutton’s Pink Slip
By Viola Davis, July 12, 2016

To Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton:

We regret to inform you that your employment as Commissioner of the 4th District of DeKalb County, Georgia is being terminated, effective July 26, 2016. Your termination is the result of poor performance as outlined below:

• Constant Late Arrival to Commission Meetings and Committee Meetings
• Refusal to Allow the Public to Call Commissioners’ Name During Public Comment
• Refusal to Perform a Forensic Audit of Departments with Missing Money and Discrepancies in Funding
• Suing DeKalb County Board of Ethics which Cost Taxpayers and Voters Thousands

Do Not Call Commissioner’s Name During Public Comment:

CBS46 News

We issue this “Pink Slip” as a written form of termination for poor performance. Copies of the “Pink Slip” will be sent to taxpayers and voters throughout the 4th District and made part of your personnel file. Your neglect to attend community meetings and debates, answer citizens’ concerns, provide strict oversight of departments, dishonesty and divisiveness are signs that indicated an overall disrespect for the 4th District constituency.

As Commissioner of the 4th District, you have a prior history of stating the following:

• “I’m not an “employee”, I’m a Commissioner!”
• “I am good with everything I’ve done.”

Since it is our vote that hires and fires elected officials and our tax money that pays elected officials salaries, we (the people of the 4th District) are the “employers” and you are the “employee”. In the name of moving our district in a new direction with a new vision, we must advise you that after two terms…your performance is poor and we are looking for new leadership.


Viola Davis
Co-Founder of Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter
and 4th District Taxpayer & Voter

cc: 4th District Taxpayers and Voters

Anybody But Sharon Barnes Sutton…Why?

Anybody But Sharon (1).jpg - final correct version

Anybody But Sharon Barnes Sutton

When in Doubt…Vote “Incumbents” Out!


12 Reasons to Vote Against Sharon Barnes Sutton

1. Sharon Barnes Sutton, her two sons and two of her staff members received free YMCA memberships for years, including during a time when Sutton voted for a deal between the county and the YMCA according to Channel 2 Action News. The money exceeds $20,000.


DeKalb Commissioner, family receive free YMCA memberships by Richard Belcher, February 9, 2016:

2. William Perry of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs said the arrangement between Sutton and the YMCA was a “clear violation” of conflict of interest in DeKalb’s Code of Ethics.


Watchdog Group files ethics complaint against DeKalb commissioner by Richard Belcher, March 21, 2016:

3rd Comprehensive Report and Summary of the Ethics Complaint for Sharon Barnes Sutton:

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Dr. Curtis Thrasher, Jr. Request DA Robert James Investigate Complaint Against Stan Watson and Others Concerning Missing Money

Dr. Curtis Thrasher in Red
Photo from Youtube Program of Dr. Thrasher

Dr. Curtis Thrasher, Jr. Request DA Robert James Investigate Complaint Against Stan Watson and Others Concerning Missing Money
Uploaded May 14, 2014

I, Dr. Curtis Thrasher Jr., Founder/CEO of New Life New Hope Center, on behalf of 30 producers hand delivered this letter/complaint to District Attorney Robert James requesting an investigation into missing money involving membership fees, PEG fees, and/or franchise fees at the Comcast and DeKalb County division of Public Access Television.

I will call a press conference on May 3, 2016 at 10:00 am to denounce the actions of former Commissioner Stan Watson and others at Comcast that cheated 30 producers out of approximately $15,000. I have no choice but to go further and question missing money involving membership fees, PEG fees and/or franchise fees.

I, Dr. Curtis Thrasher, Jr., was the past president of the Atlanta Rainbow Push and I’m presently representing 30 aggrieved producers at Comcast Public Access Television. After appearing at the Board of Commissioner’s meeting and researching the issue, we make the following alleged accusations:

30 Producers with Comcast allege that Stan Watson worked in collusion with a Comcast worker to cheat them out of money (approximately $15,000 dollars) paid to place their programs on Public Access Television.

Researchers discovered over $5,000,000 (5 million dollars) in Comcast payments to DeKalb County, using a state law co-sponsored by Stan Watson that removed Public Access Television. Where did the money go?

Stan Watson secured programming for his private show called “The Stan Watson Show” while “locking out” the 30 producers (majority black) at Comcast. Despite the producers paying the required membership fees, Watson secured access and protection for himself with the help of Comcast employee, Sue Ann Taylor with Zeel TV.

The 30 producers were forced to work through Comcast employee Sue Ann Taylor from Canton, Georgia despite the history of her not paying her incorporation fees, questionable business behavior and being involved with two lawsuits (one which involves DeKalb County and Comcast).

We are searching for justice. We strive to expose wrongdoing involving our membership fees, PEG fees and/or franchise fees at the Comcast and DeKalb County Division of Public Access Television on behalf of 30 aggrieved producers. Article: Forum No-Shows Called a Disservice

stan watson pic 1 Article: Forum no-shows called a disservice
Jennifer Ffrench-Parker | 4/29/2016, 8:13 a.m.

Watson, former Super District 7 commissioner and state legislator, has only shown up for a March 25 forum at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur. He said he has been absent from the other forums because he was out of town or had previously scheduled events.

Watson said he feels no disadvantage when he can’t take the same questions as his opponents at candidate forums.

“I am a veteran politician,” he said April 27. “I have 18 years of service. I have a great legacy of service. I have been state legislator and a county commissioner. What do I need to prove?”

He said people can say whatever they like about his absences, but it is the voters who will decide who wins the office.

“I am going to do what I have to do,” he said. “Win or lose, I’m going to keep being Stan Watson.”

But some voters who go to forums to help make up their minds say they are disappointed when some of the candidates don’t show up.

To read the entire article visit this link to

For more information, comments and/or questions: Dr. Curtis Thrasher Phone: 404-284-9984 or Viola Davis Phone: 770-256-0034; Email: or

Dr. Curtis Thrasher leads a coalition of citizens to move DeKalb County in a new direction with new leadership. Dr. Thrasher has identified two elected officials that need to be removed from office in order for DeKalb County to recover from the cloud of corruption and restore public trust.

Our Vote – Hire and Fire Elected Officials
Our Tax Money – Pay Elected Officials Salaries and provide Money for Budgets
These two facts define us as “Employers” of the elected officials

DeKalb County needs to elect new leadership with the courage to move our county in a new direction. DeKalb County needs a new vision.

Frederick Douglass/Quotes If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.